The 1 Thing That Could Be Stopping You From Succeeding Online

Four years ago I was broke, frustrated and depressed.

I’d spent $2500 getting a website built, blown thousands on courses and was getting lots of results.

Bad results.

I’d forked out so much money for my business work but I couldn’t make things work.

I thought paid traffic was my problem.

So I ran ads.

I lost more money.

I decided I had the wrong strategy.

So I bought another course.

More cash wasted.

I thought my website needed a facelift.

So I threw money at someone to fix it.

Still no decent sales. And no decent income.

I was frustrated as hell.

I put in the work, I built squeeze pages and products and everything else I was told I should do….

So why wasn’t this damn thing making money?

The answer is simple.

I was in the wrong market.

You see what market you’re in directly affects your results.

You can be in the wrong market and push hard for decades and get NO success.

Or you can be in the right market, put in a good couple years work and be set up for life.

Being in the “right market” is the foundation of your internet business, otherwise everything else is in vain.

3 Ways To Know You’re In The “Right Market”!

#1 Highly Targeted.

The more targeted your market is the better.

Make sure you're in a highly TARGETED market!

Make sure you’re in a highly TARGETED market!

For example, if you are targeting VEGANS, then you’re targeting a specific niche within the greater community.

This is a good thing!

Because when you’re specific with your market, it’s easy to cater to their needs. You’re not trying to be “all things to all men”.

Once you know your market inside and out (and have researched their biggest problems) you’ll be able to present them with products that they’ll happily pay you for!

Whereas if you’re targeting everyone, then you’ll get confused.

And confusion = no progress.

A highly targeted group of people keeps things simple 🙂

What to look for – an easily identifiable group of people. This group of people probably have their own magazines dedicated to them, books even TV shows!

2. Passionatley Irrational.

Are they passionatley irrational?

Are they passionatley irrational?

My old business coach told me when you can find a crowd of people who are PASSIONATE about something, then (most of the time) you’ve found the best kinds of buyers out there.

Take golfers as an example.

My brother in law loves Golf. He’s got every golfing knick knack under the sun. And when a new one comes out – he BUYS it. Without question.

He is “passionately irrational”.

If his shoes had holes in them, but he saw a new Golf club, he’d go for the new club first…

He’s that kinda crazy.

What to look for – if your market spends a disproportionate amount of cash on market specific products, training, and information, then these are passionately irrational people. 

#3 – Good Competition.

If you’re market has low competition then chances are it is the WRONG market for you to be in.

I talk to a lot of internet marketers who tell me they’ve found a wonderful market that’s got “hardly any competition in it!”

Lots of competition generally means lots of buyers!

Lots of competition generally means lots of buyers!

This sets off the alarm bells.

A market with low competition generally means that there’s no money in the market.

And when there’s no money in the market, it’s exceptionally difficult to make money.

So make sure your market IS competitive. Because competition is a good thing. It shows the market is moving and the buyers are responsive to offers.

What to look for – If there’s lots of books, products and services currently being sold to this market then you’re on the right track!


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