The 3 Things You Must Do Before You Start Using Paid Advertising.

#1 – Pick 1 Platform & Master it!

You’ve probably heard of the word “diversification”. Lots of “experts” throw it round when they’re talking about business.

To diversify in business means to try a lot of different things.

But here’s the mistake most internet marketers make when they’re starting out.

They diversify waaaaay to early with their traffic sources. This is a rotten idea.

Here’s why…


Pick one traffic source and become a Ninja at it!

When you start paying for ads on Facebook or youtube, there is a LOT to learn. The learning curve can be pretty steep. And although most PPC platforms are similar in how they operate, they aren’t all exactly the same.

For example a click through rate that is good on Twitter ads, is considered appalling on Facebook ads.

So, trying to get your ahead around 3 different traffic sources at once is just asking for a tension headache.

So save yourself the headache, pick one traffic source and become a master at it.

For me, it was Facebook. I tinkered around there for about 12 months before I considered myself an expert.

Now I can jump into Facebook and know exactly how to set up targeting options, campaign objectives and bidding options so that my campaigns get the highest ROI.

So you might be wondering which traffic source is the best place to start. Personally, I’d recommend Facebook, Twitter or Bing to begin with.

Here’s why:

None of these are owned by Google, which means you won’t be smacking head first into their very strict site policies on landing pages etc.

Facebook is really easy to get going on, and so is Twitter! The thing is, they ALL work….eventually.

The key is to approach each traffic source with the mindset of “mastering” it!

#2 – Have Your Sales Funnel Set Up

If you drive traffic to a squeeze page and you’re only selling one product, then you’ll go broke fast..

Make sure your sales funnel is dailled in for maximum profits.

Dial in your sales funnel for maximum profits.

Investing in traffic is going to cost you, but the fastest way to make that money back and move into profit is to offer a range of products that are relevant to your market.

So if someone buys your $19 ebook, then offer them another closely related product for $30.

The key is to make sure the product is highly related to the original product and the market

Now, not every customer will take the up sell, BUT a percentage will.

And that percentage (over time) adds up. We call this metric your “income per customer”.

So for every person who becomes a customer, how much do they spend with you?

Let me show you how this looks for my craft site.

I sell an ebook for $27.97. When a customer buys they are offered the chance to take a 30 day trial our member program for $1.

At the end of the trial, they are billed $17.97 for each month that they stay in the program.

Here’s where it all adds up:

– 30% of the people who buy the ebook for $27.97 take their $1 trial.

– 70% of the people who take the $1 trial re bill at $17.97.

– about 50% of those people re bill each month for up to 6 months.

So based on those metrics, simply by having a good sales funnel I have turned a $27.97 customer into a $134 customer!


And that my friends, is the FASTEST way to grow your business. So work at building out a strong sales funnel. It IS worth it!

# 3 – Track Your Conversions

All this talk of conversion pixels can be confusing when you’re setting up a campaign.

But heres the thing, we can’t improve what we can’t track.

Basically, unless we know how much our leads / conversions are costing us, how do we know they need to be improved? And what is the improvement? If we’re not tracking, we have no benchmark.

It’s complete and utter guesswork. And in business that is BAD NEWS.

Track all your sales and you too can have an expression like this!

Track all your sales and you too can have an expression like this!

So – make sure you track every conversion and lead.

If we are investing money into buying traffic then we want to know how much each conversion / lead is costing us. Otherwise how do we know if the campaign is profitable or not?

The thing is – this tech side of things can be a little intimidating, but stick with it and see it through. You’ll thank me later.

Because once you know your metrics, you can make an informed and safe decision about what to do next.

When I started Facebook ads I spent about $10 a day, and was freaking out the whole time! (seriously I was sweating buckets)

But because I watched the numbers and tracked EVERYTHING, I was able to increase our monthly Facebook spend to $6000.

And if the numbers check out on a small scale, then it’s just a case of spending more to make more!

Remember, it’s not magic – it’s a game of numbers 🙂

Final Word

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