The Number You Should Be Focussing On In Your Business!

A quick heads up, This ain’t going to be a typical post from a marketer….

Here’s why…

Instead of showing you how much I’m EARNING, I want to show you how much I’m SPENDING.

How much you spend is a much more interesting figure as a business owner.

Because once your numbers are working on a small scale, the more you spend is directly proportional to the amount you earn.

So here’s how much I’ve spent on Facebook ads since Jan 2014.


$47,221 since Jan 2014, geesh that’s a lot of cash.

That’s a new car, a deposit on a house or 12 months sitting on a beach in Thailand.

So do I feel remorse about spending $47,221 in such a short space of time?

Nope. Not remotely.

I’m delighted in fact.

Delighted because from that ad spend I got a return that is 3 or 4 times that investment.

That is why I LOVE buying traffic to grow my business.

The Reality….

Most business owners waste time and energy doing things to try and grow their business, that don’t get them them good results.

  • …They’ll fall into the trap of trying to game Google buy doing sketchy SEO stuff.
  • …They’ll chain themselves to their desk trying to generate traffic from blogging.
  • …They’ll empty their pocket for a solo ads mailing with little to no results.

When the reality is the only method for consistently growing your business is BUYING TRAFFIC.

Why I LOVE Paid Traffic…


# 1 Instant Results


When you set up an ad in Facebook or twitter or youtube, you get impressions – people are viewing your ad and are (hopefully) responding to it!

This means you get direct and immediate feedback on your squeeze page, or product offering.

Visitors will either opt in or they won’t. They’ll either buy or they won’t. This feedback is crucial to knowing what approaches to scale up and what to abandon.

For example, I’ve ran ads to squeeze pages that I was convinced were going to convert. But as soon as I turned on the ads, they tanked. Yup – fell through the floor. Yikes!Girl listening with her hand on an ear

But as much as I was initially disappointed, I was glad to know they were a turkey and that I needed to either improve or abandon them.

This meant I wasn’t wasting days wondering about whether it was going to work or not. The paid traffic told me instantly, and my job as a savvy business owner was to pivot, change direction and try again until I had something that worked.

There’s a great phrase in the business world that talks about “failing quickly“. Paid traffic allows you to “fail quickly” so you can find what WORKS. And once you discover that, then that’s when your fortunes can change very quickly.

But here’s the thing, most internet marketers don’t do this…. they’d rather scrimp and try all the freebie strategies (most of which don’t work by the way).  So if you’re sick of playing the guessing game with your marketing strategies, then invest in paid traffic to get the immediate feedback you need to grow your business.


# 2 Scalable

A profitable business is a game of numbers. If you can make your numbers work on a small scale, then paid traffic is the FASTEST way to  increase your revenue.Growing Business Success

For instance, I started Facebook ads by spending just $5 a day. I watched the numbers, and made sure that I was making more from the ads, than what I spent (that is the key).

Once I knew that if I spent $1, I could make $2 back, then that was enough for me to confidently raise my daily ad spend.

Read that again – because THAT my friend, is the secret to growing your business and attracting more clients fast.

The simple fact is if your internet business makes $500 a month (provided you are in the right market and you have a strong sales funnel) there’s no reason why you can’t make $50,000….in most scenarios it’s just a case of buying more traffic 🙂

This is the exact reason why I’m really happy about spending $40,000 on Facebook ads in under 2 years!

A Word of Warning About Paid Traffic

As much as I LOVE paid traffic, I do want to caution you. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can lose your wallet fast. I’m not kidding. So be smart and responsible, and most of all use COMMON SENSE 🙂

Here’s what I suggest.

  1. Start with a cost per click campaign (so you only ever pay for clicks).
  2. Work hard at refining your targeting (so you have the best chance of reaching your customers – don’t target broad!).
  3. Start with a small daily budget and scale (only scale ONCE the numbers work!)

Finally – if you’re ready to get serious about growing your business so you can live the life of your dreams, then I’d love to chat with you about how you can start seeing more success with your internet business.

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Take care


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